Wales Coast Path Safety Advice

Have an enjoyable and trouble free visit by being aware of potential dangers

With care and common sense, the Wales Coast Path is a safe environment.

Being aware of the following potential hazards will help you have an enjoyable and trouble free visit.  Please also follow any additional advice issued locally.

Cliffs - Have steep drops and can be unstable

Avoid the edges and overhangs, do not climb them or sit under them

The Sea - It can be rough and unpredictable

Beware of being cut off by the tide or dragged along by the waves and currents

The Weather - It can change suddenly

Always carry warm and waterproof clothing. Beware of sunburn and be careful in strong winds

Surfaces - They can be uneven, wet and muddy

Wear appropriate footwear for the terrain

Traffic - It can be fast and unexpected

Take care when walking along roads or crossing roads and railways

Always supervise children

Keep dogs under effective control

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